Sun Mun universiteti prezidenti hamda ICT/SW biznes kengashi rahbari O‘zDSMIga tashrif buyurdi

Two universities came into being with future visionary plans. he visited the lessons, the lesson processes, and highly appreciated the help of professors and teachers.

“The Korean people are one of our dearest friends. Our visit to your country convinced you of this. We are very satisfied with the practical nature of our partnership. There are many people in Uzbekistan who respect Korean culture. We witnessed this in Sunda. Mun The university is one of the most advanced universities in Korea. We are pleased with your visit,” said Eldor Shermanov, acting rector of our institute.
The president of Sun Moon University, its administration also expressed gratitude for the cooperation:
“I want to thank you for welcoming us. We visited Uzbekistan for the first time and I was looking forward to coming here. We are ready to cooperate. Today, 160 Uzbek students study at our university. , 500 Uzbeks. o I believe that they will contribute to the development of your country with the knowledge they have acquired. We are ready to accept students who want to study at our university,” said Dr. Seong Jea Moon.
President of the ICT/SW Business Council Sung Hwan Lee said that he aims to provide employment to Uzbek students in the future:
“Uzbekistan’s production market is of interest to us. Here we aim to work with partners in medium and small businesses. We talked with several regional governors. At the same time, we managed to attract students studying culture to our cultural centers. I hope that our relations will strengthen in the future.”
Two universities have emerged with promising plans for the future.
he visited the lessons, the lesson processes, highly appreciated the help of professors and teachers