"O‘rta asrlar sharq allomalari va mutafakkirlari tarixiy merosida san’at va madaniyat masalalari" mavzusida xalqaro konferensiya o‘tkazildi

International scientific, theoretical and practical conference on the topic “Problems of art and culture in the historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Middle Ages” in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the Ministry of Culture and the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan.

Rector of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan Eldor Shermanov opened the conference and expressed his opinion on the role of Eastern scientists and thinkers in society in the Middle Ages and the invaluable scientific heritage left by them.

The conference participants were also congratulated and wished success by the rector of the State Institute of Culture and Art of Tajikistan named after Mirzo Tursunzade Mukhriddin Nizomi and professor of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture Bozor Safaraliev.

Professors, doctors of science, scientists and intellectuals of our Republic took part in the plenary session with their lectures. In addition, representatives of many foreign universities took part online through the Zoom platform.

In addition, branches “The scientific and historical heritage of thinkers of the Middle Ages of the East and its significance in creating the foundations of the Third Renaissance”, “Progressive views on the development of art and culture of Eastern thinkers and modern educators” were created on the territory of the institute, topics such as “Issues of studying history of cultural life and development of the peoples of Central Asia”, “Translation and publishing works in the heritage of scientists and thinkers”.

At the end of the conference, participants were awarded certificates.