The Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture is a state educational institution functioning in the sphere of professional education and having rights to hand state diplomas out for both bachelor and magistracy graduates about getting higher education.

The present institute was founded in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №1771, 4 June 2012, on the base of Tashkent State Institute of Culture and Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts.

Being considered a unique higher educational establishment it prepares specialists on wide professional trends directly relating to art and culture. There is an organic connection in science and art, creative activity and practical technology in it. The trainings are held in 20 education tends, 15 specialties and all these are carried by 4 faculties and 21 chairs. So, the institute provides specialists in the sphere of actors` and directors` skills, science art and theatre critics, folk creative art, sound directing and cameramen’s skills, administrating art and cultural establishments.

Nowadays more than 3700 students of bachelor and magistracy departments are educated at the institute. High level of teaching process is conducted by 240 teachers; among them 52 professors, 93 assistant professors (dotsents), 40 teachers having honored titles in the field of science, education, art and culture.

The training process involves modern information technologies, multi-media technical and program sources which are actively put into practice. The educational work is carried in tight interaction with cultural establishments.

One of the most important places in the work of the institute is its artistic creative activity. The institute has a number of students` creative groups and studios which take an active part in various festivals and contests.

The institute has its own newspaper “Ijodiy parvoz” (“Creative Flight”), the pages of which reflect every event happening in the life of the institute and exciting students` and teachers` stuff.

The institute enthusiastically joins in the development of international activity and with readiness touches upon mutual profitable proposals about collaboration with foreign higher educational institutions in the sphere of professional training specialists of art and culture.

A large and rich fund of the Information Resource Center containing more than 100 thousand titles of literature is in favour of students and teaching stuff. The fund includes a great number of rare and unique publications related to the professional activity of the institute. The working stuff of the fund tries to do their best to carry on works to form electronic educational sources.

There is a Branch Center of teacher training courses attached to the institute and the main aim of which is retraining the teachers and specialists of higher and secondary educational establishments in the sphere of art and culture.

Since constructing new buildings and reconstructing old ones existed before completed the institute has become the owner of unique educational campus where were erected buildings for creative studios, educational theatre and Information Resource Center. Besides, in the territory of the institute there is a building for training classes, administrative building and students` hostel, sport complex, covered swimming pool and open sport grounds.

The Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture being a young and dynamically developing higher educational institution is a skillful combination of traditional teaching methods with innovative approaches in its activity.