O‘zDSMIda Navro‘z bayrami hamda Xalqaro teatr kuni keng ko‘lamda nishonlandi

Navruz and March 27 – International Theater Day – were widely celebrated at the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan.

In addition to the staff of the institute, it was attended by heads of a number of higher educational institutions in our capital, famous writers, folk hafiz and representatives of the arts.

The event was organized by the rector of the institute and others. Eldor Shermanov opened up and spoke about the importance of the Navruz holiday, widely celebrated in our country, and at the same time sent congratulations to industry representatives on the occasion of International Theater Day.

At the beginning of the creative evening, a number of teachers and staff who have been working effectively at the university for many years were awarded memorable gifts from the institute’s trade union.

At the same time, a table was prepared for the employees on the territory of the institute and soup was boiled in a pot.

At the creative evening, popular songs by Orolmirzo Safarov, Rustam Abdullayev, Aziz Rajabi and other artists were performed, followed by dancing, and the good mood was shared by the institute’s employees.