O‘zDSMI hamda Respublika ixtisoslashtirilgan musiqa va san'at maktablari o‘rtasida memorandum imzolandi

Today, the leadership of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan signed a memorandum with the directors of specialized music and art schools located in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions.

Rector of the Institute V.B. Eldor Shermanov expressed satisfaction with the cooperation and said that he was ready to invite young people hungry for knowledge to the educational institution:

“I am glad that our relations of mutual cooperation are developing. Our goal is to attract talented youth from all regions of the country to our institute and prepare mature personnel from them who will serve the development of our culture. In addition, our cooperation will contribute to the development of our industry and popularize culture and art among the population.”

Based on the memorandum, creative meetings will be organized in the regions with the participation of famous and popular representatives of art working at the institute.