The Chair of «Musical-theoretical Disciplines»

The Chair of «Musical-theoretical Disciplines»
Head of the chair:
Khudoev Gani Mukhamedovich

  Office hours: Wednesday, Friday 14:00-17:00,
  Telephone: 71 230-28-21, 90 910-95-01.
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Brief history of the chair:

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1771 –from 04.07.2012, on the basis of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Tashkent State Institute of Culture there established Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture. Thereby, the Chair of “Musical and Theoretical Sciences”, which was part of the UzSIA continued its activities as part of the faculty “Folk Art”. During the period, the chair was headed by such highly qualified specialists as associate professors D. Isamuhamedova, F. Yokubova, doctor of art sciences, professor O.A. Ibrokhimov, Professor S.S. Jumayev and associate professor E.U. Yafasova. At the moment the chair is headed by the PhD, dosent G.M. Khudoev.

The subjects that are studied at the chair of “Musical and Theoretical Sciences” give theoretical knowledge about music education and broadens the notion of musical history.


Subjects taught in the chair:

  • The history of the world and Uzbek music
  • The history of music
  • The bases of Makom
  • Salfedjio
  • The theory of music. Harmony
  • The theory of music
  • Harmony
  • The analyses of musical works
  • Piano
  • The culture of world and Uzbek music


The professor teachers` staff of the chair:

  1. Khudoev Gani Mukhamedovich Head of the chair, PhD, Dotsent acting
  2. Ibrohimov Oqilhon Akbarovich Doctor of Art-critic, professor
  3. Turgunova Nasiba Mamatovna PhD, Dotsent acting
  4. Sedykh Tatyana Tomovna Dotsent
  5. Arzibayeva Zuxra Ilyasovna senior teacher
  6. Kadyrova Khusnida Rahmonovna Teacher
  7. Mulladjonov Davlat Mavlonovich dotsent
  8. Bahriyev Ahmad Rakhmatovich Psixol. PhD, teacher
  9. Akopova Raisa Ivanovna Teacher
  10. Azizov Sarvar Salimdjanovich Teacher

Scientific research work of the chair:

  1. Turgunova N.M. Марказий Осиёда санъаткор аёллар. “Moziydan sado”, №3,2016. P.33-34.
  2. Ibrohimov O.A. Мақом санъати. “Guliston”, №3,2016. P. 24-25.
  3. Ibrohimov O.A. Янги давр ўзбек мусиқасига доир. “San`at”, №2. 2016. P. 29-32.Turgunova N.M. Амир Темур даврида аёллар санъати. “Guliston”, №5, 2016. P.21.
  4. Khudoev M.G. Elementary lessons for the gijjak. A manual for Children`s school of music and art. Book 1.Tashkent, G.Gulom Printing House.
  5. Khudoev M.G. “Elementary lessons for the gijjak”. A manual for Children`s school of music and art. Book 2. Tashkent, G.Gulom Printing House.
  6. Turgunova N.M. “The art of Fergana Scientific monograph. Recommended by The Institution of art of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Uzbekistan. Namangan Printing House.
  7. Khudoev M.G. “Bukhara Shashmakom – culture of the modern performances”. Conference materials held in Chelyabinsk.


Scientific and practical cooperation of the chair:

  1. Contract with the Institution of art of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Uzbekistan on the theme Improving and development of necessary conditions for youth in the development of science and scientific research work”.
  2. Contract with Uzbek State Conservatory on “Innovative cooperation”