Scientific council

In compliance to the Provision on the higher education, for consideration of the main questions relating to activity of the Uzbekistan state institute of Arts and culture is created the Scientific council under presidency of the rector.

Main objective of the Scientific council: the direction of all aspirations, mental abilities and other opportunities of collective of institute to accomplish tasks, planned in laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About education” and “About the national training program”, on the training of professionals, who has perfect knowledge, skills and qualifications at the level of state standards of higher education.

The structure of the Scientific council of institute is formed of the rector (chairman), the vice rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments which are letting out specialists and also heads of public organizations.

Other members of the Scientific Council are elected at general meetings of the faculties by secret voting. The number of the members which will be elected among the professors is defining by the order of the rector. It is possible to enter the outstanding scientists and experts working on problems of a certain direction of a higher educational institution into the structure of the Scientific council.
The term of office of the Scientific Council – 5 years.

The structure of the Scientific council is approved by the order of the rector of a higher educational institution. At the beginning of each Scientific year to places in the structure of the Scientific council, which were leaved for various reasons, new members will be entered according to guideline.

Meetings of the Scientific council are held last friday of every month. Before to consider the questions brought in a daily routine, the questions considered in the previous meeting, the implementation of the adopted decisions are checked and evaluated.

Decisions of the Scientific council on all questions, relating to educational and scientific and methodical, research, spiritual and educational and organizational work are accepted by a set voice by an open voting. The meeting of the Scientific council is considered valid if 2/3 parts of members of its structure participate in it. The chairman of the Scientific council will organize on a constant basis of check on implementation of decisions of the Scientific council and reports to members of the Scientific council about their results.