Folk art

The dean of the Faculty:

Folk art

Porsoyev Abror Tursunovich

Office hours: every day (except Sunday) 14:00 – 16:00
  Telefon: 71 230 28 47
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Chairs of the faculty:
  • The chair “National singing art”
  • The chair “Folklore and Ethnography”
  • The chair “Instrumental performing art”
  • The chair “Organizing and management of cultural and art establishments”
  • The chair “Musical theoretical sciences”
  • The chair “Pedagody and Psychology”
A brief history of the faculty:

The faculty “Folk art” was established on the basis of the decree No. 1771 “On the organization of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan” dated June 4, 2012 by the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov.

The faculty carries out its activities on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law “On Education”, Decrees and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at improving education and upbringing, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis, action strategies in five leading directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, programs for the integrated development of the higher education system in 2017-2021 and regulatory documents of higher organizations and the Charter of the faculty.

The faculty “Folk Art” trains highly qualified specialists for the branches of culture and art of the republic. The main tasks of the faculty are as follows:

– To train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of our time, who are able to preserve and develop the traditions of folk art, who have mastered innovative techniques and technologies, to preserve and multiply the cultural and spiritual wealth, cultural and historical heritage of our people, to develop the skill of artistic creativity, which has peculiar features based on the harmony of national and common human values;

– to provide a high level of education, using modern forms and methods of teaching, advanced pedagogy, information and communication technologies, electronic information resources, as well as the Internet, high quality education, to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism and devotees of national ideology, highly spiritually and comprehensively developed, with broad outlook and independent thinking.

The list of departments of the undergraduate degree:
  • 5151600- People`s folk art: folk songs and dancing, folklore and ethnography, directing of instrumental collectives, directing of vocal collectives;
  • 5151700- Organizing and management of art and culture establishments;
  • 5610400- Social cultural work
List of specialties of the postgraduate degree:
  • 5A151601-People`s folk art (songs and dances);
  • 5A151601- People`s folk art (folklore and ethnography);
  • 5A151601- People`s folk art (directing of instrumental collectives);
  • 5A151701- Art and culture management.
The teaching staff of the faculty

The teaching staff of the faculty includes well-known scientists, art masters and prominent specialists of the republic. 13 professors, 25 dotsents, 23 senior teachers, 44 teachers are working for the faculty. For instance, Honoured artist of Uzbekistan, professor Djura Shukurov, People`s folk singers OrolmirzoSafarov, Beknazar Dustmuradov, Honoured artists of Uzbekistan O`lmasRasulov, Akhmadjon Dadaev, RustamAbdullaev, Dilmurod Usmonov, Erkin Rakhimov, doctor of sociology, professor Mansur Bekmurodov, Abdusalom Umarov, doctor of philosophy, professor SayoraTo`ychieva, doctor of art sciences, professor Oq`ilhon Ibrohimov, doctor of philology sciences Jappor Eshoqulov, doctor of history, professor Adhamdjon Ashirov, professors Karimjon Azizov, Q`odir Mirzaev, O`razali Toshmatov, Sobir Jumaev, Tohir Yuldashev, dotsentsSevar Malikova, Olga Vasilchenko, Mirmuhsin Kadirov, Sobir Turatov, Mansur Mamirov, Oygul Akhmedova, Khamza Shodiev, Azamat Khaydarov, Vakhobjon Rustamov, ManzuraYuldasheva, Dilafruz Yusupalieva, Zebo Kasimova, Antonina Kosheleva, Musallam Abdufabbarova, Aziz Khotamov, Shoira Ramazanova, Khamdamjon Ismoilov, Sevara Makhmudova, Guzalkhon Isakova, Bekenbauer Reimov, winners of republican and foreign contests Komiljon Shermatov, Yusuf Vakhidov, Zulfiya Mo`minova, Khurshid Beknazarov, Ayap Otegenov, Gulzoda Khudoynazarova, O`ktamRasulov and other specialists.

Uzbek people`s favourite professional artists F.Zakirov, O.Otajonov, N.Abdullaeva, Sh.Sultanov, G`.Boytoev, M.Khalikov, O.Sultonov, O .Safarov, M.Azbmov, F.Salikhova, M.Tokhtasinov, K.Rakhmonov, N.Madrakhimova, Z.Madrakhimova, G.Aminova, R.Sultanova, G.Nizamova, B.Sultanov, Q`alandarbakhshi, Norboybakhfhi, Andrey Petrovetz, V.Baramikov, I.Farmonov, L.Moskalyova, A.Aliev, A.Kasimov, A.G`aniev, S.Muminov, A.Sanaev, D.Ubaydullaev, T.Jabborov, Y.Muminov, Q`.Madaliev are fully connected with the work of the faculty.

Scientific projects:

The faculty carries on the following practical projects for 2015-2017:

  • “Scientific analyses of cultural and people`s vocational centres modern fuction” lead by professor M.Bekmurodov;
  • “Implementing knowledge and traditions of intangible cultural heritage belonging to nature and space into the educational system” lead by O.Akhmedova;
  • “Intangible cultural heritage and the art of Uzbek folklore performance” lead by S.N.Yuldasheva.
International cooperation:

The faculty has established a cooperation with Chelyabinsk State Institute of culture and art, Kazan state Institute of culture.

Cooperation with enterprises and organizations:

The Institute of Oriental Studies, the Scientific and Methodical Center for the Establishment of Cultural Institutions, the Scientific and Practical Center of National Scientific and Applied Sciences, the National Association of Uzbekistan, the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, conservatoire and Tashkent regional pedagogical college.

Talented students:

The winner of the state scholarship named after Alisher Navoi Sabina Berdiyeva, the owner of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov Shakhnoza Rustamalieva, the student of the Year student of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Republic of Uzbekistan – Talented students such as Kamoliddin Umarov, Yahyobek Mukimdzhanov, Azizakhon Ismanova, Munisa Siddikova, Muhriddin Nuriddinov, Gulrukh Yuldasheva are studying. At the same time at the faculty there are folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Chashma”, ensemble of songs and dance “Sayqal”, “The language and art”, “Creative management”, “Electronic chess” and many scientific- are working. Over the past years, the faculties of the faculty have been actively participating in city, national and international festivals and contests.

At the same time at the faculty there are folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Chashma”, ensemble of songs and dance “Sayqal”, “The language and art”, “Creative management”, “Electronic chess” and many scientific- are working. Over the past years, the faculties of the faculty have been actively participating in city, national and international festivals and contests.

The faculty provides all necessary conditions in accordance with state educational requirements for the students studying here.