The chair of “Vocal”

The chair of “Vocal”

Head of the department:
Uzokov Dilmurod Sultonovich

Time of receipt: Tuesday 9:00 – 14:00
Work phone: +99871 230 28 57




Brief history of the department

In the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, the Vocal department plays an important role in the process of teaching actors in the drama, music, variety and puppet theater as a professional artist.

In 1960, in connection with the formation of the Department of “Music Drama and Comedy” there was former the Department of Music and Singing Theory . The head of the department was Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Faizi Rahmonovna. The Department of Theory of Music and Singing was improved in 1974, and an independent vocal department was formed in 1974 and the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Asad Azimov was appointed the head of the vocal chair. In 1980 the department “Vocals” was separated from the chair “Music Theory”. The goal was that the future actors of musical theaters along with the vocal performance could master the art of national singing. The following teachers were invited to the department: People’s Artists of Uzbekistan Halima Nasirova, Salima Khodjaeva, Nasim Khoshimov, Sattor Yarashov, Sason Benyaminov, Ergash Yuldashov and Mikhail Davydov, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Bakhtiyor Rasulov, Podgorny GL, Kachan Yu.E., Muratkhanov S, Murodov Yu.Yu., Khalbaeva D., Pyatigorskaya E., Pirmatov Sh.T., Islamova Q. The concertmasters are honored Artist of Uzbekistan S.Parkov, V.Ryasnova, N.Iframova, N.Zakirova, L.S.Katz, L.Rakhmatova.

In 1983, the department consisted of two departments: “Academic singing” – with the head Asad Azimov People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, professor; “Traditional singing” – People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, professor Sason Benjaminov. The People’s Artists of Uzbekistan Komuna Ismayilova, Bertha Davydova, Arif Alimaksumov, Isok Kataev, People’s Hafiz of Uzbekistan – Orifkhon Khotamov, honored Artist of Uzbekistan Hadiya Yusupova were invited to the department. Musicians: honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan S.Tukhtasinov, Temur Mahmudov, Professor of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan Suleymon Taksalov, Mirkhalil Odilov, Sidik Musheev, Akmal Radjabov, Cosim Jabbarov and Kadir Tillabaev were invited to the chair. In 1986, both departments were merged into one department “Solo and Traditional Singing”. From 1989 to 2003, the department was headed by a former student of this institute, a talented artist and singer Sherzod Pirmatov.
From 2003 to 2011 the department was headed by honored Artist and Arts Worker of Uzbekistan, Bahrulla Lutfullaev. In 2005, the departments “Solo and Traditional Singing” and “Theory of Music” were merged into the Department of Music and Vocals. During these years in the department People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Hadiya Yusupova, Rustam Abdullaev, Kakhramon Komilov, Kozim Kayumov, Avaz Radzhabov, Avaz Mallabayev, Alisher Ikramov, Saydazim Murodhonov, Sherzod Pirmatov, Gulsara Khalbaeva, Yusuf Murodov, Kurbanoy Islamova, Najot Kahharov, Kobil Ayubov, Rudaki Alambayev, Israil Saydumarov, Markhabo Burkhanova, Rikhsitillo Ismoilov Larisa Savkina, Oydin Alimbekhova, Dilbar Malikhova, Dilshod Umarov, Alexander Bekchanov, as well as concertmasters: N. Zakirova, L.S.Kats, L.Rakhmatova, G. Alimbekova, M.Ovcharova, E.Abdurahmanova, F.Islamov, M.Turginova. Music ants: Obidov M., A.Radzhabov, A.Ziyaev, H.Bobozhonov, M.Oripov taught students to acquir the art of music.

From 2012 to the present time the department is headed by Professor S. Pirmatov. At present, the faculty members are Honored Artist and Arts Worker of Uzbekistan, Professor B.Lutfullaev, Prof. K.Mirzaev, assist. prof. of pedagogical sciences, dotsents S.Malikhova, O.Vasilchenko, honored Artist of Uzbekistan, dotsent E.Rakhimov , Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dotsent S.Muzafarova, honored Artist of the Republic of Karakalpakhstan, dotsent R.Allanbaev, dotsents D.Malikhova, M. Khodzhaeva, senior teachers R.Ismailov, F. Mansurbekova, O.Alimbekova. Teachers – D.Uzakov ,G.Nurmetova, N.Eminov, D.Kavilova.

Singing plays an important role in music. Art, which focuses on the disclosure of national characteristics, includes performances of singing and actors, not only for professionals, but also for the general public. The department teaches musical drama, drama and cinema, variety, puppet and vocal pupils for teaching vocal, singing, musical drama, arias and dances from operas and romance skills with professional skills. The main goal of this course is to prepare an aesthetic and artistic tale of future actors through vocal art, to give them the ability to make correc sound, to master the skills of artistic expression, to teach them Uzbek, Russian and other fraternal peoples to present unique works of foreign composers to create professional singing skills. On “Vocal Performing” are taught on the following subjects: “Conducting”, “Practicing”, “Choral composition”, “Chorus Solphedjio”, “Vocal”, “Vocal Ensemble”, “Technique of Vocal Collections” and “Voice of speech.” The main goal of these subjects is to teach the choir leaders and vocal ensembles the skills that they need to master, sing, compete with orchestral songs and teach the skills and knowledge they need to work with teams.


List of direction of study in undergraduate:

  • 5111000 – Professional education (5151600 – Folk of art (vocal performer)
  • 5151600 – Folk of art (Vocal of team leader)
  • 5150300 – Actor of arts (by sight)


Subjects at the department:

  • Choral class
  • Vocal ensemble
  • Conducting
  • Vocal
  • Posing voice
  • Arrangement
  • Method of working with the choir
  • Reading of choral scores
  • Practice conducting
  • Choir literature
  • Choral studies
  • Choral solfeggio