The chair of “Variety and art or public performances”

Head of the department:

Rashidov Temur Mahmudovich – Doctor of philosophy (PhD), professor

Reception time: Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00 – 17:00
Phone: 71 230 28 36
📧 e-mail: art_uz@inbox.ru

Brief history of the department:

The First President Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan I.Karimov according to the decision of № 1771 dated June 4, 2012, the State Institute of Arts and culture of Uzbekistan was established. The Department of “Variety and mass-show art” of this institute was organized on the basis of the Department of “Directing” of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture named after Abdulla Kadiri and the Department of “Variety and mass-show art” of the Uzbek State Institute of Art. The great contribution was made by Sayfullaev Bakhtiyor Sayfullaevich, Yusupova Marina Rimovna, Rashidov Mahmud Rasulovich, Hamidova Shaira Satimbayevna.

The Department carries out its activities on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law “On education”, other documents aimed at improving the quality of education and training.

In this context, highly qualified bachelors and masters are trained in the field of culture and art (the art of variety acting, the art of variety and mass performances).

List of directions of Bachelor education:
  • 5150300- the art of acting (the art of variety acting);
  • 5150400- directing (directing variety and mass performances)
List of Master’s specialities:
  • 5A150301- the art of acting (the art of variety acting)
  • 5A150401- directing (directing variety and mass performances).
List of undergraduate subjects:
  • Acting skills;
  • Director of variety and mass performances .
List of postgraduate subjects:
  • Methodology and technology of variety art;
  • Methods of teaching variety acting;
  • Methods of teaching the subject of the director of variety and mass performances;
  • Methodology and technology of organizing mass performances;
  • Composition of the stage space;
  • Methods of teaching special subjects.
Teaching staff of the department:
  • Rashidov Temur Mahmudovich-head of the department, professor, PhD;
  • Mamatgasimov Jahongir Abirkulovich-professor, PhD;
  • Yusupova Marina Rimovna-associate professor, candidate of art Sciences;
  • Rashidov Mahmud Rasulovich-associate professor, winner of the State Prize;
  • Mirpu’latov Husan Toxirovich-associate professor;
  • Egamberdiyev Farrukh Durayevich-associate professor;
  • Sadigov Ilkhom Yakubovich – senior teacher;
  • Rasulov Shavkat Shukhratovich – senior teacher;
  • Ahmedova Nilufar Ropievna – teacher;
  • Ikromov Shakhobiddin Najmiddinovich – teacher;
  • Valiyev Sahibjon Zakirjonovich-teacher;
  • Kurbanov Izzatbek Kuranbaevich-teacher;
  • Savchenko Christina Vladimirovna – teacher.
Part-time teachers:
  • Azimov Marat Gufurovich – Honored artist of Uzbekistan;
  • . Bekchanov Alexander Satimovich – Honored artist of Uzbekistan;
  • Gulyamova Muhabbat Yusufovna – Honored artist of Uzbekistan.
Scientific and practical cooperation:
  • Russian state Institute of theater arts – GITIS (Russian Federation);
  • Russian state Institute of Performing Arts (Russian Federation);
  • Moscow Institute of theater arts named after Boris Shukin (Russian Federation);
  • All-Russian state Institute of cinematography – VGIK (Russian Federation);
  • Azerbaijan State University of culture and arts (Republic of Azerbaijan);
  • Rouz Broford college (United Kingdom);
  • State Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan;
  • State Musical Comedy Theatre of Uzbekistan (Operetta);
  • Russian drama Theatre of Samarkand region;
  • Republican Variety-circus college.