The chair of “Variety and art or public performances”

The chair of “Variety and art or public performances”
Head of the department:
Egamberdiev Farrukh Tukhtaevich

  Time of reception: Tuesday-Thursday: 14:00 – 17:00
  Phone: 71 230 28 36
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Brief history of the department:

The State Institute of Arts and Culture was opened by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 1771 of June 4, 2012. The department was formed on the basis of the department “The Art of Variety and Mass Representations” of the State Institute of Arts of Uzbekistan and the “Directing” Department. Anatoly Z. Kabulov, Saifullayev Bakhtiyor Saifullaevich, Khamidulla Imakmov, Emilia Fedorovna Krushevskaya contributed to the opening of this direction.

The activity of the department is determined by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education”, “National Program for Personnel Training”, recommendations and orders of higher organizations, decisions of the faculty and institute.

This department trains highly qualified specialists in the field of culture and art in general, acting art of variety art, stage direction and mass performances, in particular.


Areas of Bachelor’s Education:

  • 5150300 – Actor’s art (The art of the stage actor)
  • 5150400 – Directing (Director of stage and mass performances)


Specialties of the magistracy:

  • 5A150301 – Actor’s Art (The Art of the Variety Actor)
  • 5A150401 – Directing (Director of stage and mass performances)


Subjects held at the bachelor’s department:

  • Mastery of the actor
  • Directing the stage and mass performances


Subjects held at the Department of Magistracy:

  1. Registry and show show technology
  2. The basis of artistic criticism (analysis)
  3. Flights of show business
  4. Methodology and technology of variety art
  5. Methods of teaching special disciplines


Teaching staff of the department: Core staff

  1. And about. Assistant Professor, Head of the Department Egamberdiev Farrukh Tukhtayevich
  2. Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Yusupova Marina Rimovna
  3. Associate Professor Ahmedov Farhod Erkinovich
  4. Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Temur Rashidov Mahmudovich
  5. Senior teacher Sadykov Ilkhom Yakubovich
  6. Senior teacher Rasulov Shavkat Shukhratovich
  7. Teacher Ahmedova Nilufar Ropievna
  8. Teacher Ikramov Shahobiddin Nazhmiddinovich
  9. Teacher Hakimov Doston Muhammadkadirovich
  10. Teacher Meilibaeva Umida Marsovna


Teachers part-timers

  1. Associate Professor Mamatkasymov Dzhakhongir Abirkulovich
  2. Teacher Zaripova Karima Fahriddinovna


Scientific and methodical works of the department for 2014-2017.

  • 2014: Teachers of the department of M.R. Yusupov, S.S. Khamidov, M.D.Bubnov, N.R. Khodzhakuliyeva, T.M.Rashidov, J.A.Mamatkasymov prepared the training manual “Mastery of the Variety Actor”.
    Teachers Sardor Gaziev and Kuzmina Milada issued a methodical guide “We play in the theater.”
  • 2015: Associate Professor J. Mamatkasymov published a methodical guide “Methodological Recommendations for Students of Arts and Culture Colleges for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage”.
  • 2016: Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor TM Rashidov prepared a monograph “Pop Art of Central Asia”.
    2017: Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor MR Yusupova prepared a textbook on the subject “Methods of teaching special disciplines.”
  • And about. Associate Professor FT Egamberdiev prepared a textbook “Directing pop and mass performances.”


Scientific and practical cooperation

  1. State Youth Theater of Uzbekistan
  2. The State Theater of Musical Comedy (Operetta) of Uzbekistan

At the department together with the international department of the Institute the following projects are implemented:
The faculty of the department in 2017 plans to carry out advanced training in leading foreign educational institutions. F.T. Egamberdiev goes to the Moscow Institute of Theatrical Art named after Boris Shchukin; associate professor, candidate of art T. Rashidov to the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts.