The chair of “The Art of puppet theatre”

The chair of “The Art of puppet theatre”
Head of the chair:
Sunior teacher: Abdukhalilov A’zamjon Abdullahanovich

  Day and time of the reception: Working day from 2 pm till 5 pm
  Working telephone number: 71 230 28 37




Short history about the was founded, chair

The chair “Puppet theatre art” in 1974 in the chair of the drama (institute of the art and culture).
After establishing the chair the following 1978 til 1983 professor V.Iogelsen, from 1981 til 1985 acting head of the chair B.M.Saidova, from 1986 til 1989 acting head of the chair N.G.Krylova, from 1986 til 2002 honoured teacher of youth of Uzbekistan M.X.Ashurova, from 2002 til 2004 Sh.Xaitbayev, from 2004 til 2006 F.U.Xodjaev, from 2006 til 2012 merrited artist of Uzbekistan Sh.Yusupov, from 2012 til 2015 D.Abdullayev, from 2015 til 2016 honoured teacher of youth of Uzbekistan, since 2016 head of the chair became A.Abdukhalilov. from 2000 year chair “Puppet theatre Art” started to recieve students to the Magistracy degree “In present time graduating students of Magistracy degree teach in the chair, they improve their education skills, moreover they improve culturical direction.

2005 Tashkent state institute of art to the named after M.Uygura was given State Status. In 2012 according to the prezident’s decree №1771 was wstablished state institute of art and culture of Uzbekistan and Tashkent culturical institute named after A.Kadyri “Deplition our centeres of art and culture became one of the achievements of National personnal education system “In the distriet ex-Tashkent institute of cuture after named Kadyri, in Present time existenning unique building not in our country even in the world. In result reorganization material way and clacitication chair to the three fakultets. “Art of the theatre”, “Art of the film, television and radio”, “National work” and have their own system and their spesiolists.

In the detail chair “Art of the puppet theatre” is the part of the faculty “Art of the theatre”. Eminently qualified teachers teachs in the direction “Actor of the puppet theatre”, “Director of the puppet theatre”, “Professional grannding: Actor of the puppet theatre”.

Actually due concel, which seems special auditory equipped well-technological technologies. Today we can make professional performance, wich can shock everyone. Because in our puppet theatre there are all technologies in every oudience to make a play, although all thing from the best companies of the world.

Also in the section “Art of the theatre puppets” teach “Technics of making puppets”. This subject also subject of the specialty and makes a lot of special seminars for education. Here developed making puppets for give a chance for completing necessary them process, also installed sewing machines with high technology. Afcource enabled young artists and designers, which familliarised technology from their fully qualified teachers.

List of the directive education and bachelor:

  • 5150300 – Аrt of the actor


List of the magistratury specializets:

  • No.


Subject at the chair:

  1. Mastery of the actor
  2. Basics of the leading puppets
  3. Technology of the making puppets
  4. Construction of the puppet
  5. Basics of animation
  6. Directory of the puppet theatre
  7. Working on character at the puppet theatre
  8. Technics and technolog of the stage


Teachers and professor of the chair:

  1. Ashurova Maryam Xamidovna – professor s.t.merrited teacher youngs of Uzbekistan
  2. Yusupova Venera Ismetovna – instructor s.t.
  3. Хоdjayev Fathulla Ubayevich – instructor s.t., merited artist of Uzbekistan
  4. Аtabayev Alimdjan Jumanazarovich – instructor s.t., II degree of the medal “Sog’lom avlod uchun”
  5. Qurbonov Anvar – senior teacher
  6. Usmanova Lola Djurayevna – teacher
  7. Mamatqulov Bexzod Maxammadismon o’g’li – teacher
  8. Ostanina Olga Anatolyevna – teacher


State and abrold grants of the clairty:

  1. No.


Scientific works of the chairty:

  1. D.Abdullayev, L.Usmanova “Basics of the leading puppets” (cane puppet in the art of the puppet theater) – education relief.


Scientific and practice cooperation of the chair:

Chair cooperates with 6 art colleges:

  1. Republic varierty-ciscus college
  2. Tashkent culture college
  3. Samarkand art college
  4. Namangan art college
  5. Andijan art college
  6. Fergana art college


Foreign cooperative of the chair:

  1. No.


Attitude of section with undertaking and organization:

Chair sign contrack with 10 regional puppet theatres.

  1. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan
  2. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Andijan region
  3. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Fergana region
  4. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Djizzax region
  5. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Samarkand region
  6. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Buxara region
  7. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Surhandarya region
  8. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Kashkadarya region
  9. State puppet theatre of Uzbekistan Xarezm region
  10. State puppet theatre of republic Karakalpagistan