The chair of “Stage movement and physical culture”

The chair of “Stage movement and physical culture”
Head of the chair:
Abraikulova Nasiba Erkinovna

  Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 14:00 – 17:00
  Telephone: 71 230 28 31
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History of the department:

With the opening of the theatrical institute in Uzbekistan in 1945, and still taught moving subjects on an equal footing with the “skill of the actor and direction” at the theater departments. Later in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, the demand for highly qualified theater professionals increased. As a result, the number of students has increased dramatically.
After that, many changes occurred in the structure of the institute, and in 1975 separate deans and departments were created. In particular, the “Movement of the scene” department was separated as a separate department.

During these years, the department taught such subjects as “Scenic movement and battle”, “Dance”, “Rhythm, plastic, pantomime”, “Director’s work with choreographer”, “Physical culture and sport”, “Valeology”, “Ecology”, “Fundamentals of human life.”

At the beginning, the following teachers were engaged in plastic education of students:
In dance- People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ali Ardobus, People’s Artist of Karakalpakstan, Associate Professor Ivan Matveyevich Protsenko, Associate Professor Tamara G. Litvinova, Senior Lecturer Urinbai Karabaev, Associate Professor Sevilia Tanguriyeva Rifatovna, art worker of Uzbekistan Shakir Ahmedov.

On rhythm – teacher Urinbay Karabaev, S. Piskazhev, Gulirano Mukhamedzhanova, associate professor Dilshod Arsenovich Ismailov.

On the stage movement and fencing – teacher, People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Peter S. Drozdov, Honored Artist of Karakalpakstan, Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan, Professor Ismailov Arsen Fayzullaevich, Associate Professor Dilshod Arsenovich Ismailov, Shamsiddin Yulchibayevich Usmanov.

Physical Education and Sports – Shakir Nazarovich Zokirov, Abdurauf Mavlonov.

All these teachers were practitioners of their time, worked in theaters as an actor and choreographer. P.S. Drozdov was one of the first to head a new department created by the “Stage Movement”. At that time, the subject of our department was students of the Uzbek, Russian, Kazakh, Karakalpak, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Korean, Greek and Uygur groups.


Heads of the department:

  1. 1975-1982 – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Associate Professor Petr Sergeevich Drozdov.
  2. 1982-2012 – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Honored Artist of Karakalpakstan, Professor Ismoilov Arsen Fayzullevich.
  3. 2012-2017 – Associate Professor Shamsiddin Yulchiboevich Usmonov.
  4. Since 2017, senior teacher Nasiba Erkinovna Abraykulova.


Subjects taught at the department:

Nowadays, such as “Theater Movement and War”, “Rhythmics”, “Plastics”, “Pantomima”, “Dance”, “Physical Culture”, “Valeology”, “Physiology and medicine in music” at the Department of Stage Movement and Physical Culture. Professor A.F.Ismailov, teacher R.R.Dusanov, honored artist of Uzbekistan, senior teacher N.Shermatov, senior teacher N.E.Abraykulova, teacher S.M.Zokirov from “Dance”, senior teacher O.A.Ostanina, teacher S.Sh.Mannonov from on “Pantomima”, “Ritmika”, “Plastika”, prof. T.Mahmudov “Valeology”, “Physical culture” associate professor D.T.Mamirova, teachers Sh.M. Kholova are teaching.