The chair of “Social and humanities sciences”

The chair of “Social and humanities sciences”
Head of Department:
Isiqov Ziyodullo Safaralievich

  Office hours: Wednesday. 9:00 – 13:00
  Telephone: 71 230 28 26
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History of the department:

The Chair of “social-humanitarian sciences” is a general institute department. At present the chair is headed by the candidate of historical sciences Isokov Ziyodullo Safaralievich

The activity of chair is built on the basis of legislation of used in the Republic Uzbekistan. Including: Law “About formation”, National program on personnel training, Norms and Standards of higher school on regulation of the education system activity, relying to constituent Institute documents of arts and cultures of Uzbekistan and chair itself of “Social-humanitarian sciences”.

The derartment of “social-humanitarian sciences” is formed on the basis of merge of Tashkent state institute of culture and state institute of arts and cultures of Uzbekistan in 2012.

In different years the chair was headed by Kh. Salojitdinov, Kh.Abdullaev, H.Voҳidov, T.Fayziev, M.Yusufkhozhaev, A.Salamov, P.Niyozov, L.Yahyoeva, U.Khasanov, S.Akramov, V.Kerimov, M.Rahimov, A. Yunusov,
S.Akobirov, E. Karimova, J.Ganiev, N.Umarova.

Furthermore appreciable trace in the chair history left А. Zamostyaniy, Р. Tregulov, N. Kachanovskiy, К.Oripov, V. Ivanov, М. Tagiev, К.Hudoyqulova, М. Kapustin, Sh.Yahyoev.

The chair of “social-humanitarian sciences” of institute from the beginning of the period of independence, radically changed its educational-methodical, scientific, moral-educational and educational work. Today chair activity is implemented based on achievements of humanities, market economies, theories and practices of construction of democratic society.

Successfully work at the chair: candidate of historical sciences Z. Isokov, the candidate of philosophical sciences, reader Z. Arislanbaeva, the candidate of economical sciences, reader Т. Fayziyev, the candidates of philosophical sciences B. Irismetov, U. Nosirov and the senior the teachers of F.Bakaeva, U.Mavlonov, S.Khidirov, G. Umaralieva, developing and optimising theoretically and methodical educational process, the way of implementation of advanced scientific achievements worthy contribution to process of study is introduced.

Research work is implemented on the chair within constant topics of “Research of the problems of social-humanitarian sciences as important source of the society reforming”.

On the chair scientific-methodical seminars held, during which the reports of the staff of the chair are heard which act with report, following which their active discussion passes.

Moreover on the chair there is a club «Ijodkor» from most talented students


Subjects studied in the Department:

In the direction of Undergraduate:

  • History of Uzbekistan
  • Foundations of spirituality. Religious.
  • Philosophy (Etiquette, Aesthetics, Logic)
  • Theory of economy
  • Sociology
  • Theory and practice of construction of democratic society in Uzbekistan
  • Ideas of national independence: the main concepts and principles
  • The fundamentals of health and safety.

On direction Magistracy:

  • Methodology of scientific researches
  • Ideas of national independence: the strategy of socio economic development of Uzbekistan


Teaching staff of the chair:


  1. Isokov Z.
  2. Irismetov B.
  3. Arislanbaeva Z.
  4. Nosirov U.
  5. Bakaeva F.
  6. Mavlonov U.
  7. Umaralieva G.

Internal part-time teachers

  1. Fayziev T.
  2. Hidirov S.
  3. Tadjieva N.
  4. Qodirov.B.
  5. Begmatov.R.
  6. Mamajanov.D.


Scientific and practical cooperation of the chair:

The chair signed agreements of mutual cooperation and practical interaction with the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with the chair of “Humanities” of the National Institute of Painting and Design named by Kamoliddin Behzod, the National University by Mirzo Ulugbek, the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, the Institute for Enhancing the Qualification of People’s Education Officers by A.Avloniy.
Within cooperation work with profile chairs of universities in following domains is conducted:

  • joint research activity;
  • jointly educational literature is created;
  • joint articles and publications are prepared and are published;
  • scientific-theoretical, practical forums, various intellectual-educational events are conducted;
  • cooperation in execution of professional practice is implemented;
  • practical assistance is provided in the organization of holiday programs and their execution.