The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”

The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”
Head of the department:
Khudoyberdiev S.A.

  Time of reception: Tuesday, Thursday 9:00 – 14:00
  Phone: 71 230 28 49
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Brief history of the department:

The department of “Informatics and Natural Sciences” was organized according to the decision of the Academic Council and the order of the Rector of the Institute on August 30, 2012.

The Department of “Informatics and Natural Sciences” is a general disciplinary department, part of the structure of the faculty of “Folk art”. The department is located in the second educational building of the institute in the room C2-6. The department has 6 classrooms equipped with modern computer and multimedia technology to deliver theoretical and practical lessons. For better organization of the educational process in computer science and other disciplines, the department has developed a number of computer programs, and carrying out work on creation the electronic textbooks and tutorials for students.

The department conducts classes for students of all educational directions of undergraduate and all specialties of graduate levels. Classes are held in accordance with the curriculum approved by the Council of the Institute and developed based on the model curriculum approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For the teaching staff of the institute lecturers of the department in terms of the decision of the Academic Council conducts classes on the subject “Information technologies in education” which is aimed at improving the level of literacy of teachers in the use of computer technology in organizing and conducting the educational process.
In addition, the department operates the “Art and Informatics” club for students of all educational directions of the institute.

Subjects of the department:

  • Information technologies in art education
  • Computer graphics
  • Ecological culture
  • C ++ programming
  • Information Security


Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Khudayberdiev S.A. – the Head of the Department;
  2. Khotamov A.A. – assistant professor;
  3. Zufarov Z.M. – assistant professor;
  4. Tillashaykhova M.A. – Senior Lecturer;
  5. Samigova G. – Senior Lecturer;
  6. Kurbanova A. – teacher;
  7. Mamadiliev K. – teacher.


Research work:

The teachers of the department carry out their research work in two directions:

  1. Actual problems and solutions in the usage of information and communication technologies in the system of art education.
  2. Problems and solutions in the usage of modern pedagogical technologies in teaching the subject “Information technologies in art education”.

For the last time teachers of the department have published more than 150 articles and abstracts in international and national scientific journals, and abstracts of conferences in these areas.

In addition, the teachers prepared and published a number of teaching and methodical manuals, e.g.

  1. Xudoyberdiyev S.A. Informatika va axborot texnologiyalari. // O`quv uslubiy qo`llanma. –Toshkent: 2015
  2. Tillashayxova M.A. Masofaviy ta`limda axborot-kommunikatsiya texnologiyalarini samarali qo`llashning nazariy-uslubiy asoslari. // Monografiya. – Toshkent: “Fan” nashriyoti, 2015
  3. Otaboyev Sh.T., Xatamov A.A., S.G.Sherimbetov. Ekologik madaniyat va tarbiya. // O`quv qo`llanma. –Toshkent: “Adabiyot uchqunlari” nashriyoti, 2016
  4. Tillashayxova M.A., Samigova G.A., Kurbanova A.T. San’atda kompyuter grafikasi// O’quv qo’llanma. –Toshkent: “Adabiyot uchqunlari” nashriyoti, 2018.


Scientific and practical cooperation of the department:

The department actively cooperates with such institutions as the Al Khorezmi Tashkent University of Information Technologies, the National University of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the University of Patras (Greece), the Antwerp School of Telecommunications (Belgium).

The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”

The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”

The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”
The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”

The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”