The chair “National singing art”

The chair “National singing art”
Head of the chair:
Elov Mirshod Rakhmonqulovich

  Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 – 14:00
  Telephone: 71 230 28 59
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History of the department:

The chair of “National Songs” was founded on the basis of the Folk Art Faculty of the Uzbek State Institute of Art and Culture in 2016. Currently the chair is headed by Elov Mirshod Rakhmonkulovich.
On the basis of the department the following specialties are available: Folk Art serial number 5151600 (including leading folk song and dance ensembles), Folk Art #5151600 (singing and dancing) and Master’s programme of Folk Art #5A151601 (singing and dancing).
The staff of this department are trained in the following main disciplines:

  • ensemble of singers;
  • ensemble of musicians;
  • solo singing;
  • methods of working with creative teams;
  • instrumental performance;
  • Conducting
  • Lectures, practical individual and group exercises, such as seminars where work with dance ensembles is carried through. All these techniques are aimed at helping students to expand their knowledge and develop practical and theoretical skills.

The chair of National Songs prepares specialists for professional groups, such as “Folk ensembles of singing and dancing” and “Song and dance creative teams” that will work in various institutions of culture and education in our country. Professors and famous art critics Jora Shukurov, the winner of the Nikhol Prize Bakhodir Sayidov, Uktam Rasulov, Shukhrat Almatov, Nuriddin Holboev, Zainab Khudoyorova, Nigora Arzimurodova, Naruz Sobirov, Bashorat Turaboeva, Shukhrat Holhodjaev made a contribution to the development of the chair.
The main tasks of “National Songs” department are acquaintance with the national musical heritage of Uzbek people and works of the composers, education of young people in the spirit of respect for national traditions and preparation of modern teaching materials and modern technical means. The students of this department not only gain theoretical knowledge in the national musical heritage of Uzbekistan, but also organize an educational process in children’s music and art schools, sent music and dance groups to cultural and leisure centers, increasing their ability to work as the event planners.

Currently, the department cooperates with a number of creative associations of art societies of Uzbekistan, such as the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center of Folk Art and Cultural and Educational Work and other research institutions.

Teachers of the department are engaged in creative activities. As a result, along with the scientific works published by them, concert programs are organized at the institute and beyond, on television and radio. New works and are being created in the radio fund. The department also has talented young people who are specially prepared for various festivals and competitions, work on radio, television and other media.