Information Resource Center

ARM haqida

Information Resource Center of the Institute continues its activity on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the organization of the State Institute of arts and culture of Uzbekistan» (№ PD-1771 dated June 4, 2012).

Currently, the IRC networking corresponds the demands of modernity, creates all conditions to meet the intellectual needs of the young generation and provides IRC users with necessary information. On the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD -381 dated July 20, 2006 and the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education number 295 dated December 29, 2006 –the libraries of Tashkent State Institute of Culture and State Institute of Arts of Uzbekistan were reorganized into Information Resource Centers. The IRC activity is based on the decision “On the measures for further qualitative development of information and library and information resource service on the basis of information and communication technologies on 2011-2015 yy.» № 1487 dated 23 February 2011 and the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the information and library activity» № 280- LRU dated 13 April, 2011.

Information Resource Center

IRC fund is 13467 titles, 81333 copies of literature. The IRC readers are all students and teaching staff of the Institute that is more than 1628 of people. The average readability of the books is 87%, books’ providing -74 %, attendance-94%. During the year more than 2487 items of literature were purchased for 10172581 sum allocated.

Information Resource Center

All employees of the Institute are 100% subscribed for the republican press. Total signed newspapers and magazines are 31 titles, 57 copies, of which 19 newspaper titles, 37 copies; magazines 12 titles, 20 copies. Total allocated amount of subscription for periodicals is 6990853 sum.

IRC has sufficient material and technical resources. IRC is provided with 17 computers, 4 scanners, 5 printers and 4 copiers. IRC has computer room where users can find necessary electronic resources, use ZiyoNET, Internet to download e-resources on culture and art specialties. Also there is an access to EBSCO data base. Besides readers can get open access to full-text sources of all IRCs of the Republic. IRC readers can use disks and electronic versions of books, textbooks, methodical complexes, articles and other materials of the teaching staff of the Institute. Works on fund digitizing are also carried out systematically. Readers can find necessary information in electronic thematic full-text base of literature. Also they can use card index.

IRC staff use computer and office equipment to organize work properly. All IRC computers have access to Institute local network and Internet.

Program “ARMAT” is used to organize information and library service in IRC and to create electronic catalog of IRC fund. Also the e-catalog includes bibliographic information about rare editions of the fund. Each cataloged document is given an annotation and three key words. The information about readers is added to AWP “Reader” data base. With the help of electronic catalog the list of IRC fund literature on subjects studied is systematically compiled. Thematic enquiries are preparing for readers. Readers can also get information about other additional literature of other IRCs via electronic catalog.

IRC of the Institute provides methodical and practical assistance to all employees of IRCs of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education system, colleges and lyceums. Close cooperation is established with the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi, Information and Library Center “Turon” of Tashkent region and the Republican Children’s Library.IRC conducts various activities in collaboration with other departments of the Institute.

Information Resource Center

Through “Informational Bulletin” which is prepared by Acquisition Department of IRC, the teaching staff of the Institute can view the information about new literature.

Information Resource Center

IRC of the Institute in collaboration with the department of “Spirituality and enlightenment”, women board and chairs hold cultural-enlightment events. “Dramatist +” group together with experts arrange meetings with famous people, hold events dedicated to significant dates and book fairs.

Ten highly qualified personnel work in Information Resource Center of the Institute. They systematically work on enrichment of IRC fund, provide library services to teaching staff and help students to find necessary literature in the electronic catalog, work individually with each reader.

IRC conducts its activities on the basis of Decrees, Decisions and Orders of the President of the Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Ministry of Culture, the regulations, normative documents and the Charter of the IRC.