Editorial-publishing department

Head of editorial-publishing department:
Editorial-publishing department
Nafisa Raimkulova Khomitkulovna

Office hours: Dayly 10:00 – 15:00

(+99871) 230-28-13
About the editorial-publishing department:

Goals and objectives of the editorial-publishing department:
Activity of the editorial-publishing department:

In the editorial-publishing department of the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture there functions a cultural-educational, scientific-information newspaper “Creative Flight” (“Ijodiy Parvoz”). The newspaper started its work on December 19, 2012 and was registered in the Tashkent press and information department, No. 02-00166 from the same date. To date, 64 issues of the newspaper “Creative Flight” (“Ijodiy Parvoz”) have been published.

The newspaper is available in Uzbek, Russian and Karakalpak in A-2 format with 4 pages and published in 1.250 copies on the last week of each month. The newspaper highlights the achievements of creative and cultural, educational, artistic, sports and various events, achievements at festivals, students’ work and educational process.

In addition, the pages of newspapers also feature creative samples of students from different literary genres. Among them are articles, brochures, research papers, poetry, interviews, lectures, essays, news, reports, comic humorous stories, interludes, aphorisms and dramatic fragments.

In addition, the political, socio-economic, spiritual and educational changes taking place in the life of our republic, as well as creative innovations, scientific conferences, events, meetings, literary and artistic evenings and various events taking place in the life of the institute, the most active, experienced teachers and advanced students are also widely covered.

In short, the newspaper is the window of the Institute. Therefore, educational cultural, organizational issues, which are a good example for all those who are trained at the Institute, are regularly published in the newspaper of the Institute.

Since the academic year of 2017, the Institute has launched a scientific-theoretical, practical, methodical, spiritual and educational journal “NEWS OF UZSIAC”. The journal is intended for the teaching staff of higher education institutions, researchers, art critics, teachers of professional colleges in the field of culture and art, students of advanced training and retraining, senior researchers, independent researchers, masters and students.

This journal received “Certificate of State Registration of Mass Media” dated December 14, 2015 No. 0862 from the office of Press and Information of the city of Tashkent. The journal is included in the list of scientific publications of the “Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated November 29, 2017 No. 245/6, recommended for publication of the main scientific results of research in the field of art history.

The journal is planned to be published four times a year, 60×84 in size 1/8, up to 100 pages and up to 1000 copies. To date, there have been printed 7 issues in 50 copies. The journal includes the publication of scientific articles, research results, new published publications, new plays, films and exhibitions.

The scientific-theoretical, practical-methodical, spiritual and educational journal “News of UZSIAC” informs about the topical issues of art and culture, scientific articles on the results of scientific research conducted in the field of advanced pedagogical technologies used in the training of specialists in this field.