Art of Film, Radio and Television

The dean of the faculty:

Art of Film, Radio and Television

Anvar Qurbanov

Office hours: every day (except Sunday) 14:00 – 16:00
  Telephone: 71 230 28 27
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Chairs of the faculty:
    • “Arts and Culture”
    • “Film, TV and radio art”
    • “Sound engineering and camera skills”
A brief history of the faculty:

The faculty of “Film, Television and Radio arts” has been operating in Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture since 2012. There are more than 350 students studying in the faculty. The faculty works according to the existing legal and regulatory framework of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education”, “National Program for Personnel Training”, and other normative documents to regulate higher educational institutions. The faculty carries out its activity based on the Regulations of the Uzbek State Institute of Arts and Culture and the Regulations of the faculty.

The main function of the faculty belongs to the departments of “Art science”, “Teсhnogenic art”, “Directing” (“Theatre science “, “dramaturgy of theatre and screen arts”, “Criticism and analyze of cinema art ”, “Camera skills”, “Film and television Directing”, “Film, TV and radio sound directing”, ” Animation and multimedia design”), integrated and harmonized teaching and learning processes, preparing pedagogical personnel, also carrying out scientific-research (creative) works.

The faculty combines departments of “Television and Radio directing “, “Sound and Cinema-telecasting skills”, “Art Studies and Cultural Studies” and “Social and Humanities” departments. There are 6 professors, 18 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 6 senior teachers and 30 assistant teachersThe faculty carries out the process of preparation of cadres exceptionally from production.

The “Film, Television and Radio Arts” faculty was founded in 1997, and there were only more than 50 students. Between 2005 and 2012 the faculty was named as “Art science and Technogic art”. For many years, the Faculty of “Art science and Technogenic art” was headed by the candidate of Arts, Associate Professor Abdumannon Ubaydullaev, and later by the candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Ramazanova Shoira Rixsibayevna.

The Faculty of “The Art of Film, Television and Radio” was headed by Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor Arislanbayeva Zoya Yernazarovna, and then Ph.D. in Technical Sciences,Associate Professor Faiziyev Turabek Raufovich (2012-2017), since 2017 he is a Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor Akhmadzhonova Mukaddas Vakhobovna, Associate Professor Rustamov Vahabjan Kiyamovich.

The list of departments of the undergraduate degree:
  • Professional education: 5151600 – Folk Arts (Musical Instrumental execution)
  • Professional education: 5151600 – Folk Arts (Vocal performance)
  • Professional education: 5151600 – Folk Arts (Supervision of folk songs and dance ensembles)
  • Professional education: 5151700 – Organization and management of cultural and artistic
  • Art science: 5150200 – Theatrical science
  • Art science: 5150200 – Criticism and analysis of cinema
  • Art science: 5150200 – Stage and screen art drama
  • 5150400 – Film and TV Directing
  • Texnogenic Art: 5151400 – Film, TV and Radio Sound directing
  • 5151500 – Cinema-telecasting
  • 5151800 – Animation and multimedia design in arts
List of specialties of the postgraduate degree:
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