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About the library
Director of the Information Resource Center
Kuzieva Tokxtakxon Abdurashidovna

Reception days: everyday (except Sunday) 9 a.m. : 4 p.m.
Telephone: 71 230 28 58
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About the Information resource center:

The information resource center of the institute was created and operates in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the organization of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan” (No. PD-1771 of June 4, 2012).

About the library

Currently, the library network created in the Republic is creating all the conditions for satisfying the intellectual needs of the young generation and for providing the population with broad and systemic information. Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-381 of June 20, 2006 and the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education No. 295 of December 29, 2006, the libraries of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture and the State Institute of Arts of Uzbekistan were reorganized into information and resource centers.

The center`s activities are based on the resolution “On measures for further development of information library and information resource service based on information communicative technologies for 2011-2015” No.1487 of June 23, 2011 and the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan:”About information library activity” No.3 RU-280 of April 13, 2011.

The IRC fund consists of 14302 items, 87361 copies. The readers of the Institute are all students and professor-teaching staff of the institute, which is more than 2032 people, the average readability of the book was 87%, provision of the book-74%, visit-94%.

All employees of the institute are active subscribers of the republican press. The IRC issues 56 newspapers and magazines.

About the library

The information resource center has a sufficient material and technical base. The IRC is equipped with 17 computers, 5 scanners, 5 printers, 4 photocopiers. An electronic reading room equipped with computer equipment with access to the Internet and ZiyoNET networks was organized for students, where one can download books on the specialties of culture and art, use access to the EBSCO database.

Readers can also get access to the materials of full-text sources stored in the public domain of all the Republican IRCs. In addition, the IRC has created a rich fund of electronic resources, which includes electronic discs – thematic, electronic versions of textbooks, teaching aids, teaching aids, articles and other materials of professors and teachers of the institute. An electronic full-text thematic literature base for readers has also been created. Digitization of the IRC fund is underway. To organize the workflow, the employees of the RPI also actively use computer and office equipment. Computers of the IRC have access to the institute’s local network and the Internet.

To organize information and library services in the IRC the “ARMAT” system is used, through which an electronic catalog of the fund is created, including bibliographic information about rare editions stored in the fund. Each book is given abstract and 3 keywords. Using the IRC Reader, information about readers is entered into the computer. With the help of the EC; a list of the literature available in the IRC fund on subjects taught in the departments is systematically compiled. Answers are prepared on thematic requests of readers. Readers through the EC of other IRCs receive information about the literature that is not in the fund of our IRC. Readers can use the electronic full-text thematic database of literature, as well as the traditional card catalog.

About the library

The Institute’s IRC provides methodological and practical assistance to all IRC employees in the system of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, colleges and lyceums. Close cooperation has been established with the Navai National Library of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the “Turon” Information and Library Center of the Tashkent region, and the Republican Children’s Library.

The IRC conducts various events together with other departments of the institute. Through the “Newsletter”, prepared by the IRC picking department, the teaching staff of the institute gets acquainted with new arrivals.

About the library

The Institute’s IRC together with the department “Spirituality and Enlightenment”, with the Women’s Council, as well as with other departments conducts cultural and educational events. The club “Dramaturg +” arranges meetings with famous people and specialists in the sphere of art and culture, holds events dedicated to significant dates and book exhibitions.

The Information Resource Center of the Institute employs 10 highly qualified specialists. They systematically work on enrichment of the IRC fund, provide library services to professor-teaching staff and students help find the necessary literature in an electronic catalog, and work individually with each reader.

The IRC conducts its activities on the basis of Decrees, Resolutions and Decisions of the President of the Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Culture, regulatory documents of the institute and the Charter of the IRC.

About the library

About the library

The active applicants to be A STUDENT of 2019-2020 are preparing for the professional examination in the Information Resource Center of the institute.



A morally high individual reading many books will have a wide background. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev put forward 5 important initiatives on directing the social, spiritual and enlightenment work to a new system. The fourth of which is directed to organize systematic work to improve the youth`s spirituality, wide propaganda reading art among them.

About the library

The institute of Arts and Culture carries out fruitful work refarding to the above mentioned initiative. Under the leadership of the rector of the institute Ibrokhim Yuldashev the Information Resource Center of the institute organized mega stocks “To the future with a book! Come and read a book and will have a free cup of coffee”.

About the library

While reading books at the territory of the institute students can have coffee for free. The feelings of spiritual enlightenment relax will turn into bright experiences. The nausea of reading and drinking coffee translates into pleasant enjoyment.

Rector Ibrokhim Yuldashev paid a close attention to the process of mega stocks. He emphasized that the circle of the youth willing to read books is widening. Undoubtedly it is clear, that this can be a clear fundament to the bright progress of our republic.

About the library