The chair of “Informatics and natural sciences”

    The chair of “Informatics and Natural Sciences” was founded by the order of the Rector and the Academic Council of the Institute on August 30, 2012. The chair operates at the Faculty of “Folk Art”. The chair is headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bakhtiar Radjabov.     

    The main activities of the chair are:

- Teaching the subject “Computer and Information Technology” to the first-year and the second-year students of all the undergraduate education directions;

- Teaching the subject «Computer Graphics» to the second-year and the third-year students of all the undergraduate education directions;

- Teaching the subject “Information Systems” to the students of all the postgraduate specialities;

- Teaching the subject «Patent, Licensing and Certification» to the postgraduate students in the field of direction art;

- Improvement of the qualification of teaching staff of the Institute on «Information Technologies in Education».

For high-quality education processthe chair has developed working curricula and educational-methodical complexes, based on the“model education programs” approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

   Besides the main activity of the chair, for students of all the undergraduate education directionsthe circle «Cognitive informatics» has been organized. The students during extra-curricular hours increase their knowledge in hardware and software of the computer in an entertaining form.

    After the reconstruction of the Institute the chair has got all necessary facilities for the qualitative organization of the education. To conduct classes six computer labs were equipped with modern computer equipment.

    The chair has its scientific and pedagogical council, consisting of:

Chairman of the Board - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Radjabov B.Sh.

Secretary - teacher Tursunova F.R.

Members - Professor I. Nuritdinov, docents R. Ibragimov, Khudayberdiev S.A., teachers Samigova G., Alimov B., M. Mashrabov.

    The teachers of the chair carry out an active scientific work . Thus, in recent years more than 50 scientific articles and abstracts have been published in various national, international and also in scientific journals in Uzbekistanand abroad.

    In the field of creative works the teachers of the department are involved in research projects on mathematical modeling of reliability assessment corporate computer networks, algorithms and software development, signalsprocessing, virtualization of the educational process, the environment and nuclear physics, etc.

    The chair is actively involved in cooperation with educational and scientific centers of our country and abroad as well . Among the partner agencies of the chairTashkent University of Information Technologies, the National University of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbekistan,the Academy of Sciences, the University of Patras (Greece), the Antwerp School of Telecommunications (Belgium ) and others can be mentioned.