The chair of “Pedagogy and Psychology”

   The chair of “Pedagogy and Psychology” was founded in 2003 at the faculty of professional-pedagogical education as a specialized chair at the bachelor’s degree “5111000-professional education”.

    Since 2008 Kasimova Z.Kh. a candidatate of pedagogical sciences has been managing the chair.

    The staff:

Kasimova Z.Kh. – a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Tolipov U.K. – a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor.

Isakulova N.J.- a doctor of pedagogical sciences.

Kosheleva A.F.- a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Samarova Sh.R. - a candidate of psychological sciences.

Fozilov J.K. - a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Tolipov U.K.- Doctor of Education (part-time)

Sodikov T.O., Mukhammedova R.S. – senior teachers.

Muminov Sh. K., Pulatov J.A., Kasimova D.Kh., Onorov A.T., Aripova D. – teachers.

    The following subjects are taught at the chair:

- At the bachelor’s degree: psychology, pedagogy, professional Pedagogy, pedagogical skills, educational technology, methodic of professional education, ethno pedagogy, social pedagogy, ethno psychology, social psychology, Theory and History of Pedagogy, family pedagogy and psychology, Age Pedagogy and Psychology, methods of teaching special subjects, pedagogical axiologics, propaganda of the national idea in the process of teaching.

- At the master’s degree: pedagogical technology, social Psychology, advertising technology, modern technology.

    During 2012-2013, 2013-2014 academic years new text-books, technological modules of teaching lessons, papers were worked out and were placed in ZiyoNET.

   The chair is working on the complex theme: “The formation and development of rational approach skills to the information among the youth”. Every year teachers of the chair publish their articles in the central scientific magazines.

   The teachers took an active part at the republic conferences, they guide students’ qualification papers and practice. Besides that, the chair made contracts on the innovative-corporate collaboration with national ideology centre, the chair of “Political management and International Journalism” at the world languages university, Tashkent regional pedagogical college and bases qualification practice. Teachers took part at international internet conferences and scientific practical conferences. Reports as: “Socio-cultural peculiarities of sacred places in Uzbekistan”, “Sites are as socio-cultural Institute”, “Socio-religious strata of modern community in Central Asia (it was made at the residence of Ambassador of the Republic of Germany)”, “Sociological analysis of socio-religious strata on the territory of modern Uzbekistan” at the first Congress of sociologists of Turkish world in Izmir, “Early forms of religion in related tribal society” (in embassy of Federal Republic of Germany), a woman as a founder of pedagogics.

   Senior teacher Sadikov T. published the text-book “Theory of upbringing”.

   In 2009 the text-book “Fundamentals of teaching skill” was published by the lead of the chair Kasimova Z.Kh.

   In 2013 Isakulova N.J. defended the doctor’s thesis. Kasimova Z.Kh. and young teachers Sadikov T., Muminov Sh., Kosimova D.Kh., Pulatov J.A., Onorov A.T. have been doing research for doctor’s degree.

   In November 2005 Sadikov T. improved his skill in the centre “Iste’dod”, in 2006 Kosheleva A.F. improved her skill at the university.

   2010 the head of the chair Kasimova Z.Kh. improved her skill at university of world economy and diplomacy.

   2010 the chair organized the conference on theme “Scientific-practical problems of social defence of young generation in education system”.

   In may 2012 according to the chair’s initiative was held the conference, devoted to family problems.

   The teachers of the chair regularly visit student’s hostels, make reports on actual problems of present time.

   The teachers of the chair permanently organize excursions for students to different cultural establishments: museums, theaters and libraries.