The chair of “Languages and Literature”

    According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1771 –from 04.07.2012, on the basis of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Tashkent State Institute of Culture there established Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture. Also combining the chairs “Uzbek and the world philology" Of Tashkent State Institute of Culture and the chair "Languages and Literature» of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts formed a new chair "Languages and Literature". Currently 17 professors and teachers, including 6 PhDs, assistant professors, 6 assistant professors, 6 teachers work for the chair. They teach subjects such as "Uzbek literature", "World Literature", "The modern Uzbek literary language", "English", "German", "The French language", "The Russian language", "The Uzbek language", "Fundamentals terminology ","Culture of writing".

    Information about professors and teachers of the chair "LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE":

- Ramazanova Shoira Rikhsibaevna, head of the chair, assistant professor of philological sciences.

- Ismailov Khamdamjon, assistant professor of philological sciences, dotsent.

- Makhmudova Sevara Irisalievna, assistant professor of philological sciences, dotsent

- Tugova Nelzya Hamzaevna, assistant professor of pedagogical sciences, dotsent.

- Jomonov Rovshan Oripovich, PhD, Associate Professor of the chair.

- Isakhova Guzalkhon Nematovna, assistant professor of philological sciences, senior teacher of the chair.

- Sadikova Muqaddam Islamovna, Senior teacher of the chair.

- Usmonova Khumora Ahmadjanovna, Senior teacher of the chair.

- Abdukhalikova Dilfuza Abdumajitovna, Senior teacher of the chair.

- Tulyaganova Mohira Mahtunovna, Senior teacher of the chair.

- Rashidova Nigora Kahharovna, Senior teacher of the chair.

- Sayfullaeva Adolat Jurakhanova, teacher of the chair.

- Ishanbekova Nodira Rashotbekovna, teacher of the chair.

- Shomurodova DilbarAbdishukurovna, teacher of the chair.

- Khoshimova Gulnoza Tulkunovna, teacher of the chair.

- Li Svetlana Pavlovna, teacher of the chair.

- Shaipova Elzara Faritovna, teacher of the chair. 

    A lot of works have been prepared to publish at the chair. For example:

- PhD Sh.R.Ramazanova "Ancient Literature"

- A monograph of assistant professor, Ph.D. R.O.Jomonov "Ўзбек тилида ўзлашган сўзлар ва уларнинг имлоси"

- PhD H.Ismoilov "Жаҳонадабиёти "

- The textbook of Associate Professor, PhD S.I.Mahmudova "Сўз ясаш мезонлари "

- PhD G.N.Isakova "Француз тилида феъл сўз туркуми "

- Senior teacher M.M.Tulaganova "The Russian language" for the students of the Institute of Culture.

   The chair of "Language and Literature" signed corporative innovative research and creative collaboration with chairs of the following universities:

1. Chair «Theory of Translation", "Russian language", "English Phonetics and Stylistics" Foreign Philology Faculty the National University of Uzbekistan named after Ulugbek.
2. Chair "Russian and World Literature" of Uzbek State University of World Languages..
3. Chair "General Linguistics" of Tashkent State University named after Nizomi.