The chair “National singing art”

    The chair was founded in 2012 on the basis of the facilty “People’s folk art”. The head of the chair is Urozali Gafurovch Toshmatov.

    The following disciplines are taught by the staff of the chair:

 -immaterial cultural inheritance;

 - national song performing;

 - folk individual song performing;

xi 01

- working methods with folk- ethnographic collectives;

 - working methods with artistic collectives;

 - performing folk music;

 - national plays;

 - dramatizing traditions and customs;

 - national musical instruments performing.

    xi 02The teachers of the chair make reports, carry on practical, individual

and group work with their students. With the help of their teachers students improve their theoretical and practical artistic skills.

   The chair prepares specialists for the groups and collectives, such as, “Directors of folk- ethnographic collectives, directors of ensambles of folk song and dances.”

   The students are taught by the experienced and skillful teachers of the republic, such as:Yuldasheva Saodat, Lutfullayev Khayrulla, Shukurov Jo`ra, O`razali Toshmatov, O`lmas Rasulov, dotcents Orolmirzo Safarov, Ahmad Dadaev, Nozim Qosimov, Mansur Mamirov, Adham Ashirov, Beknazar Do’stmurodov, candidates of science Oygul Ahmedova, Bahtiyor Sultonov, Umida Qurbonova and others.

    xi 03At present professors, candidates of science , dotsents, senior teachers and more than ten teachers work at the chair.

    The main aim of the chair is introducing to young people such spiritual things, as folk art, upbringing them to be respectful to national traditions, using modern world and new technic methods in teaching students. The students of this department gain knowledge not only on theoretical sciences, but they are prepared as directors on TV and radio, producer instructors of festivals in future. Besides, the undergraduates of the department will be able to organize national practical art in the spiritual institutions, to assist in folk traditional ceremonies, to work as assistant- referents.

     At presents the chair cooperates with scientific- research institutions and centres of folk art.

    xi 04Folk art is surely great treasure that helps students to respect their nation, people, motherland and national traditional customs. Independence of our republic has given us the opportunity to understand and value our spiritual customs, treasures of our ancestors as cultural inheritance. Folk art plays an important place in upbringing young people according to the oriental behavoir rules of conducting and it teaches the students Islamic characteristic traits.

    The staff of the chair carry on creative activity as well.The scientific work published by them help to prepare and organize contests, concert programs that are systematically held at the institute, on TV and radio.New things and works are recorded day by day.

    The staff of the chair tries to distinguish talented students, individually work with them and prepare to different festivals and contests.