The chair of “Social and humanities sciences”
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     The chair of “Social and Human sciences” is the Department of institute. The chair is headed by the Candidate ofPolitical Science Umarovа Nigora Telmanovna. Contact numbers of the chair: +99871-230-28-26. Days of  receiving the head of the chair: every Wednesday from 9.00 to 13.00.

    The chair in its activities based on the existing legal and regulatory framework of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education", national training programs, the Regulation of  the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture, The State of the chair "Social sciences and humanities."

    Chair of "Social Sciences and Humanities" was formed by the merger of the relevant chair s of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture and the Uzbekistan State Institute of Art in 2012. At different times, the chair was headed H.Salohitdinov, Abdullayev, H.Vohidov, T.Fayziev, M.Yusufhodzhaev, A. Salam, P.Niezov, L.Yaheeva, U.Hasanov, Sh.Akramov, U.Kerimov, M.Rakhimov, A.Yunusov, S.Akobirov, E.Karimova , Zh.Ganiev and others. Also worked at the Department of leading scientists such as A.Zamostyany, R.Tregulov, N.Kachanovsky, K.Oripov, V.Ivanov, M.Tagiev, K.Hudoykulova, M.Kapustin, Sh.Yaheev.

    Since independence, the chair fully realigned its training-methodical, scientific, spiritual enlightenment and educational activities. Today the chair in its activities based on the latest achievements of science, theory and practice of building a democratic society and a market economy.

    Students of all areas and specialties of undergraduate and graduate members of the department are taught the following subjects:

1. History of Uzbekistan

2. Jurisprudence

3. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

4. Philosophy

5. Ethics

6. Aesthetics

7. Logic

8. Basics of Spirituality

9. Religious

10. Economic theory

11. Sociology

12. National idea: basic concepts and principles

13. Political science

14. Theory and practice of building a democratic society in the Republic of Uzbekistan

15. Questions of spirituality in the works I.A.Karimov

16. The methodology of scientific creativity

17. Administrative and Business Law

18. National idea: strategy of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan.

    All of the above subjects are taught on the basis of new pedagogical techniques using modern multimedia.

    Currently, the chair has: Doctor of Law, Professor M.Usmonov, Ph.D., associate professor Z.Aryslanbaeva, PhD, associate professor T.Fayziev, Ph.D. Z.Isokov, PhD N.Eshnaev, senior teachers F.Bakaeva, N.Sharifhodzhaeva, U.Mavlonov, teachers S.Hidirov, B.Marufboev and contribute to the improvement of the educational process, introduction of scientific achievements in the educational process , publish textbooks and manuals, doing science. In addition, these faculty members as Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A.Kodirov, doctor of historical sciences, professor Z.Ishanhodzhaeva, D.Sc. F.Muhitdinova, Political Science A.Haydarov, PhD, associate professor T.Eshbekov, candidate of Philology R.Kuchkarov involved in the learning process and part-time on an hourly basis.

    Modern information and communication technologies provided by the Department in the form of sponsorship pop association "Uzbeknavo" made ​​it possible to open a computer class. At regularly scheduled scientific seminar of the department been established practice hearings and discussions of scientific lectures members of the department. Within the department operates club "propagandists national idea", in activities which involved gifted students of the institute.

    Research activity of the chair is the theme "Research problems of social sciences and humanities - an important factor in the modernization of society". List of publications, educational literature published in recent years, members of the department:

- N.Umarova. Information safety: Problems and Solutions. T.: "Akademiya", 2008 (in Uzbek lang.).

- N.Umarova (co-authored ). Globalization and the challenges of the information society. T. : "Akademiya", 2011 (in Uzbek lang.).

- N.Umarova (co-authored ). Fight for ideological landfills. T.: "Akademiya", 2007 (in Uzbek lang.).

- M.Usmanov. Formation and development prospects of land rights in the years of independence / / Information Collection TSIL, 2011, № 3, pp. 64-66 (in Uzbek lang.).

- M.Usmanov. Prospects for the development of laws / / Information Collection Higher Studies General of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2012, № 3 , pp. 1-5 (in Uzbek lang.).

- M.Usmanov (co-authored). AGRICULTURAL right . Textbook. T.: IlmZiyo, 2012 (in Uzbek lang.).

- T.Fayziev. Environmental protection. Textbook. T.: USDSI, 2010 (in Uzbek lang.).

- Z.Isokov. Traditional agricultural culture of the Ferghana Valley. T.: Yanginashr, 2011 (in Uzbek lang.).

- F.Bakaeva. Course of economic theory. Textbook. T.: 2008.

- S.Hidirov. Question repertoire in the art of comedians // Questions of Humanities, 2013, № 5 , pp. 24-26.

- S.Hidirov. Types of modern humor and aesthetic aspects // UzMUKhabarlari, 2013, № 3/1, pp. 100-102 (in Uzbek lang.).