The chair of “Cinema, TV and radio producing”
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    The current teaching staff of the chair: M.Mahamettov, A.Ubaydullaev, F.Fayzieva, S.Rasulov, U.Urinov, M.Karabaev, Alexey Kudryavtsev conduct theoretical and practical training at a high professional level, passing his extensive teaching experience and skills. In addition to the department as visiting specialists are taught by leading experts of film, TV and radio: M.Hamraeva, A.Madrahimov,  H.Mosimov, S.Karimov. All practical training department «Directing Film, Television and Radio" (installation, Cinematography, etc.) are carried out in conditions of maximum equip latest TV, movie and photo equipment and a fully stocked photo, film and TV pavilions. The new viewing room and mounting cabinet regularly organizes thematic meetings with creative filmmakers - directors, cameramen and playwrights.

   The students of “Directing Film, Television and Radio” today can efficiently and Productively engaged in shooting, editing and dubbing of their course work and diploma films and creative works. Students of the “Directing for Film, Television and Radio” and often successfully take part in various Republican and international film festivals and festivals. Film student Anwar Safaeva “Dog” (by direction of the course M. Mahammetov) was awarded the “INTERNET SHORT FILM FESTIVAL” New York, 2013, and was declared the winner in the nomination “Best Debut” Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Cheetah”, 2013.