The chair of “Vocal”

    The “Vocal” chair is managed by Professor Sherzod Tursunovich Pirmatov.

    The chair was founded according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the organization of the State Institute of Arts and Culture” of July, 2012 on the base of the chair “Musical disciplines and vocal” (The Tashkent State Institute of Arts) and the chair of “Conducting vocal collectives” (The Tashkent State Institute of Culture).

   vokal 01The professors and teachers of the both chairs made a tremendous contribution to the education of youth and teaching future specialists. Among them there were such famous persons as: People Artists of Uzbekistan Halima Nasirova, S Hujaeva, N. Hoshimov, Honoured Artist of Uzbekistan B. Rasulov, Professor S. Murothonov and others.

    Many talented and well-known musicians, actors, conductors and representatives of culture were educated.

   vokal 02At present the teaching staff of the newly organized “Vocal” chair includes the following professors and teachers: Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Honored Representative of Culture Professor B. Lutfullaev, Ptofessor K. Mirzaev, acting Professor Sh. Pirmatov; senior lecturer, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences O. Vasilchenko; acting senior lecturers R. Abdullaev, E. Rahimov; senior teachers D. Malikova, R. Allanbaev,R. Ismailov, P. Borisov, M. Hodjaeva, F Mansurbekova, S Muzaffarova; teachers D. Uzakov, L. Kryukova, N Muhamedov.

  vokal 03At the chair of “Vocal” all students of the actor subdivisions learn professional singing in European and national manner. The repertoire of the academic programs is very extensive: from simple songs to the arias, duets, trio from musical dramas and operas by foreign and Uzbek composers. On the direction of “Managing vocal and choral collectives” the following subjects: conducting, reading choral scores, conducting and choral practice, arranging, vocal, the methods of working with amateur choral collectives, vocal ansemble,    are taught.

  The main aim of the chair is educating of higher qualified specialists possessing aesthetic and artistic sense.