The chair of “Stage movement”

    The chair of “Stage movements” is formed in 1945, during that moment when the institute is organized. Teachers of chair conduct employment in a subject “Scenic movement and dancing” on branches of directors and actors of chair “Actors skill”. In those days, the need in highly skilled theatrical experts in Uzbekistan and in republics of Central Asia from year raised. As a result, a contingent of students considerably increased. There were some structural changes in institute, since 1975 independent dean’s offices and chairs are organized. In same to year, chair “Scenic movement” also become separate independent chair.

   Head of the chair had been appointed the honored artist of Uzbekistan, senior lecturer Peter Sergeevich Drozdov. Then the deserved art worker of Uzbekistan, the Honored artist of Karakalpakstan, professor Arsene Fajzullaevich Ismoilov supervised over chair.

    For these years on chair are taught such subject, as “Dancing”, “Scenic movement”, “Rhythmics”, “Scenic fighting”, “Work of the director with the ballet master”.

   On chair worked as O.Karabayev, A.I.Levin, Ali Ardobus, I.M.Protsenko, T.G.Litvinova, S.R.Tanguriyeva, D.A.Ismoilov and other professor-teachers.

   Nowadays the professors and teachers of the chair conducted such subjects as “Scenic movement and fight”, “Plastic” and “Dancing”.

  The subject “Dancing” is tough by N.E.Abraykulova, A,H.Adilova, L.B.Kobesova, S.M.Zokirova, the subject “Scenic movement and fighting” is tough by professor A.F.Ismoilov, S,J.Usmonov, R.R.Dusanov, the subject of “Plastics” is tough by S.J.Usmonov, O.A.Ostanina, A.J.Ismailova.

   The chair “Scenic movement and dancing” has established corporative-innovate partnership with the higher school of national dance and a choreography and federation of the Uzbek art of fight.

    The chair actively participates in preparation of expert – “Actors, directors of drama theatre and cinema”, “Actors and directors of a platform”, “Directors of TV”, “Directors of a platform and mass holidays”, “The organizer folklore-ethnographic of collectives”, “The Organizer of ensemble of a national song and dance”, “The Organization and management of establishments of culture and art”, “PPE of actors and directors”.

Last 5 years of the professor-teachers of chair have published 7 manuals, and textbook.