The chair of “Art of musical, dramatic theatre and cinema”

    In 2012 of 4-June, it was accepted decisions №1771 Presidents of Republic Uzbekistan « About creation of the State institute of arts and cultures of Uzbekistan ». In the decision it is precisely formulated with a view of development of a professional theatrical art and preparation of the highly skilled staff with higher education

    In the decision, it is precisely formulated « To define the major a problem preparation of highly skilled experts in the field of culture, a theatrical art, cinema and the TV, meeting modern requirements. And further « maintenance of a high level of educational process with wide use of modern forms and methods of training, progressive pedagogical, innovative and information-communicative ». The institute serves as a smithy of the staff for Republic of Uzbekistan and Karakalpak. 

   Professorial the structure of chair carries out the manual-methodical, research program, acts at scientific conferences (republican and international). Teachers of chair are engaged with students under the program « Ustoz and shogird ». (Teacher and student)

Leading masters of chair : S.S.Abbasov – People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, the professor;

Mahmudova H.A.- Honoured teacher of youth of Uzbekistan, dotsent;

Mahmudov J.O. - Honoured Art Worker of Uzbekistan, the professor;

Abdullaeva M.A. – Honoured of youth of Uzbekistan, the professor;

Kobilov N.K. - dotsent

Azizov T.A. - People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, the professor;

Саъдиев Х.Х - People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, dotsent;

Kaprielov S.S. – Honoured worker of culture of Uzbekistan, dotsent

Kholmirzaev B - Honoured artist of Uzbekistan, dotsent;

Mahmudova N.U. - Honoured artist of Uzbekistan, the senior teacher, dotsent

Branch acting to chair.

The chair operates at faculties « Art of theatre » and « Arts of the film, TV and radio ».

Direction of a bachelor degree: « Actors of dramatic theatre and cinema »,

« Direction of drama theatre », « Actors of a musical drama », « Direction of musical theatre ».

Direction of a magistracy. - Actor's art (actors of musical theatre), direction (directors of musical theatre) - Actor's art (actors of drama theatre and cinema), direction (directors of drama theatre)   

Subjects trained chair.

Direction of a bachelor degree: « skill of the actor », « the Effective analysis of the play », « the Technique of teaching special disciplines », « Work above image », « the Composition of scenic space », « Work of the director above performance », « Direction at drama theatre ».

Textbooks and manuals written by chair

1.    Skill of the actor - M.Abdullaeva

2.    Skill of the actor - H.Mahmudova

3.    Schools of actor's skill. M.Abdullaeva

4.    Skill of the actor - Z.Mahmudov at/» manual for colleges

5.    Elements and terms of system of Stanislavsky - V.Sundukova, Z.Ahmedova

6.    Poetics of actor's art - V.Sundukova

7.    The Make-up - F.Jalilova

8.   Bases of direction - J.Maxmudova, the textbook.

9.   Direction - R.Usmanov

10. The Trade the director-О.Salimov - the monography

11. My director's works - T.Azizov the monography

12. The Analysis of scenic product _ U.Zufarov

13. Work of the director above performance - B.Holmirzaev the textbook.

14. Bases of education of actors of a musical drama. - G.Muhamedova at/».

15. Features of creation of a musical drama. B.Holmirzaev at/»

16. Director’s principles in work above a piece of music - V.Volodchenko at/»

17. The Composition scenic space. J. Maxmudov, the-textbook.

18. The Vocal in actor's skill- J. Ortikov

19. Unity theoretically knowledge and practical experience - B.Kholmirzaev

    The chair « Art of musical, dramatic theatre and cinema » has 6 workshops. At registration of educational workshops of Uzbekistan State institute of arts and cultures have been coordinated and considered offers of experts by theatrical formation - masters, artists-set designers. During construction and the equipment of workshops the optimal variant concerning, both cubic capacities a premise, and its magnificent hardware has been selected.